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Why Us?

All video is not created equal. Represent your organization and people with poorly crafted video and you’ve just done more harm than good.

We know how to connect with busy professionals. We know what works. We know how to tell everyone’s story in a way that is honest, relatable, compelling and human. Our inclusive process insures that the interview subjects are at ease and even enjoy their experience. Even the ones who seem least likely. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to our clients speak.

Listen To One Of Our Clients Speak

Would you order that again?

That’s what my wife, Lisa, always asks me as a measure of a meals’ true value. When you work with us once, we work hard to make sure you’ll do it again.

Overcoming Resistance, Physician Retention and ROI

It can be challenging to sell the idea to your organization. Watch and listen to this brief video as the Dir. of Business Development discusses the difficulty but then outlines the impact the physician video campaign has had on her organization.

ROI. Everyone wants it. We’ve got it.

What It's Like To Work With Us

Most people would rather chew broken glass with their gums than be put in front of a camera. That is…. unless you’re working with our crew. Listen as administration and physicians themselves discuss their experience.

Why Do It?

Photo Bios… dead. CV… lifeless… Video Bios of your Physicians bring your organization to life. Which one do you think will be most appealing….

If your competitors have photo bios and a CV and you have video bios of your physicians.. who do you think the consumer will choose. Video gives you the edge in todays competitive environment.

SW Vermont Medical Center

A look from every angle.

Organizations and Special Programs

Fundraising, partnerships, recruitment & more.


Clinicians speak about what drives them.

Recent DocSpots Work

Take a look at some of our recent work.

Patient Stories

Listen to some very moving Patient Stories

Signature Healthcare

Get to know our Physicians.

St. Michaels Hospital

A plain and simple message.

Reply Fertility Clinic

A new, old way.


Death. Life. Angels.
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