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Authentic Motion & Stills

Your Video has ONE job. To make people want to watch.

We’re going to make you stand out in a universe of sameness. We hook the viewer immediately with look, sound and feel. We keep them watching with authenticity. What people really want is a feeling of wonderment, empathy, humor, love, hope, a universal connection. We know how to translate that onto any screen with every project.

And if you are in healthcare marketing, or have a roster of healthcare clients check out DocSpots, our award-winning healthcare division of Flying Frog Media.

Show, Don't Tell

It’s the mantra of any good visual craft. View our work and what you’ll see is the craft that goes into delivering results that are appropriate for the project at hand. We are your creative partner, not monkeys pushing a button. The people who get that, and have those values, are the ones we work with. From concept through post production, you’ll get the best we have.

Featured Work

Shepherd Youth Ranch

Click on the image below to watch and listen to these beautiful spots designed to raise brand awareness. The Shepherd Youth Ranch campaign was devised around the concept that the horses at the ranch are the real healers of the youth being counseled.

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