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We love our work. We love frogs.

We exist to create authentic stories that live at the intersection of purpose and passion. If you want to move hearts and minds, you’ve come to the right place. 

Roll over the images below to learn what makes the frog’s heart beat!

Frogs on Set


Although we work hard, we make sure to enjoy the ride. When clients and subjects have fun and feel they are in a relaxed atmosphere it pops the balloon and takes the pressure out of the experience and ensures that we get good results… plus it’s just plain fun to be doing what we’re doing.

Props From Our Clients


That’s what my wife, Lisa, always asks me as a measure of a meals’ true value. When you work with us once, we work hard to make sure you’ll do it again.


Most people would rather chew broken glass with their gums than be put in front of a camera. That is…. unless you’re working with our crew. Our team works together with fun and passion, making everyone feel a part of the process.

Our Peeps
Michael Back-Partner, Director/Photographer

Michael Back-Partner, Director/Photographer

A lifelong fascination with people and what makes them tick began early for Mike. Living in Japan as a young boy and then Italy later, as well as in many different states as a military brat, fueled his desire for understanding different cultures and people. As an artistic soul, his passion for photography and film naturally developed into a career that satisfies his curiosity of the human condition. Mike’s love of people is evident in his work and shines through in his working relationships with clients and crew. Mike’s current favorite show is Chef’s table. Beautiful food, beautifully filmed is a great combination for him. Mike loves to cook and you will likely find him at any given point, manning the grill.

Barri Burch - Director Of Accounts

Barri Burch - Director of Accounts

Barri Burch is a multi-channel advertising and marketing professional with over 30 years of industry experience. A corporate brat growing up, Barri has lived, studied and worked in many cities across the country to develop a proven track record in sales growth and product development for start-ups to multi-million dollar industries.

With expertise spanning concept through completion, she is a creative problem solver who generates interest and excitement with both colleagues and external customers. Highly organized and action-oriented, this girl has the ability to assess a situation, plan a course of action, assemble the necessary resources, execute the plan, and produce results that are consistently on target, on time and on budget.

When she’s not working, you can find her on hanging out with her family, on a hiking trail, listening to blues music, or some combination of all three.

John M. Williams - Director Of Post-production

John M. Williams - Director of Post-production

A nature lover and father of two, John is the technical/left brain the of the company. Educated in Communication Studies with a Minor in Film at UNC Wilmington, John had the opportunity to be exposed early and often to film making techniques by working on set for national television series and feature films. Even with an engineers mindset John has a great love and appreciation for the arts. Attacking work like a puzzle, a trait which aids most noticeably in the craft of editing, John helps the Flying Frog team create projects that achieve the clients goals and are delivered on time and on budget. John is constantly dreaming of hiking the AT, it’s even his custom license plate. However, you’re more likely to find him sharing every spare minute with his wife and 2 girls. He has an easygoing attitude and his usual answer is “yes, I can do that”. Go ahead. Ask him.

Rob Russell - Director Of Photography

Rob Russell - Director of Photography

Wakeboarding and skateboarding are at the heart of Robs passion for film making. Really, dude has some serious skills. A consummate cameraman, he’s probably forgotten more about different camera systems than most people ever learn. He’s always learning new techniques and always up on the latest gear.

Rob is like one of those cool kids at school who could hang out in any crowd and have friends everywhere. Always fun to be around and never at a lack for words he’s just one of those people that you want to hang around. He brings that fun loving attitude with him on all our shoots. Always keeping things loose on set, he really helps everyone including clients and crew have a good time.

What We Do



We help agencies elevate brands and support internal marketing initiatives. We can help bring the power of focused storytelling to any organization with original, authentic video and photography. Whatever your need, at whatever stage, we make it brilliantly come to life.



Strategy is a plan to win. Creative strategy is about the forest and the trees. We approach all our meetings with the intent to learn, not just listen. We realize the importance of your “win” and deliver the creative vision; the look, feel, sound and tone of the project, to clearly enlighten.



This is an old saying and a true one. Shooting beautiful stuff is one thing. Making it come together as a story is another. There are all kinds of little things you need to make an edit work. Listening to our videos, you would think the stories just fell out of peoples’ mouths that way. It didn’t. Ever. But we want you to think that it did.

Our Services
  • Video Production
  • Photography
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Custom Music Scoring
  • Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Web Design
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